• You will never forget the memories that our swings make.
  • Think back, and you'll recall that some of your best memories with friends revolve around playgrounds and swing sets. Most of us have either made memories and spent countless hours spinning away on a tire swing, twirling around in a fit of laughter, or we always dreamed of getting the chance to climb into a tire swing.

Our swings are currently out of stock. We are expecting more in early August. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Building a Better Tire Swing

As fun as they were, the problem with a classic tire swing was in the design. Kids can amuse themselves with simple things for hours but as adults we can see the flaws. With classic recycled tire swings

  • There's a messy black coating that stains clothes
  • Old tires suffer from rot in moist climates
  • Tires crack in the sun (and those cracks can pinch, remember?)
  • Real tires get hot in the sun
  • Untreated ropes deteriorate and can break

And they're not really safe for smaller children. So how do you enjoy the fun of a classic tire swing hanging from the tree without all the extra pains? The Swing & Spin tire swing is designed to replicate the experience, without the hassle and safety concerns of building one from scratch.

A Tire Swing for Every Home - Including Yours

The best part about our custom kids tire swing is you can hang it just about anywhere; make a tree swing, hang from a barn post, setup a dedicated swing set or add it onto an existing kids swing set. Beyond the ease of hanging our tire swing, there are numerous other benefits.

  • Multiple sizes can seat anywhere from 1 to 5 kids at once
  • Durable, weather treated rope is long lasting
  • Comfortable, smooth surface materials
  • Interior webbing made from rope keeps your kids safe
  • Lasting design with a high weight capacity
  • Fast, easy setup

You'll love the expression on their face when they see the Swing and Spin tire swing hanging in the backyard. Now is the best time to make lasting memories with your family.

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